Friday, 5 May 2017

Lettering Attack

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you had a great week and looking as much forward for the weekend to begin as I do. It's suppose to be sunny over here but I honestly wouldn't be sad if it would be rainy as I need a good reason to stay inside...

Lettering is one of the latest trends when it comes to crafting and it needs quite some time to get the skills and nice letters done. That's why I was really excited when I found out that Reprint has great news stamps in beautiful lettering style. Make sure to check out the webshop to see the other ones

"Collect moments not things" is most likely what pops into my mind when the postman rings first thing in the moment, but I really needed to have this stamps. What's you're favorite line or mantra? Which saying would you like to get as a stamp?

Make sure to tag your ideas and inspirations with #reprinthobby so we won't miss them...

Friday, 14 April 2017

Surprise Can

Hello everyone,

today I'm showing you a little box I've made which works just perfect as a last minute easter nest, birthday surprise or little give-away.

I took an emty can, cutted out 2 circles - one in plain white and one of my favorite Reprint designpaper, layered them and added some scrabble letters.

The can fits 100ml - so there is plenty of space for some money, a little surprise or a few kind words for a loved person.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Three little chicks!

Här är det tre små kycklingar som fastnat på film! Ett väldigt sparsmakat kort med inga egentliga dekorationer, "bara" kycklingarna.

Here are the three little chicks caught on film! A very simple card with no decorations really, "only" the chickens.

Kycklingarna är enkelt och lite "slarvigt" färglagda, vilket ger liv åt bilden.

The chicks are colored a bit "sloppy", giving life to the picture.

Tack för idag! Kram, DT-Liza

Thanks for today! Hugs, DT-Liza

Papper: cardstock CC770, CC800, RBC026 gul prick
Stämplar: OM642AA liten kyckling, OM518A glad påsk
Övrigt: färgpennor

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Greetings from the Easter bunny

På lördag är det påskafton, en dag som många barn längtar till, inklusive mina.
Här i stan har vi påskparad där både barn och vuxna klär ut sig och tågar en slinga genom city. Flera hundra ställer upp och är med, och det är så härlig stämning. Och så allt godis lockar också såklart!
Men i väntan på det roar jag mig med att göra kort som ska ges bort ihop med påskpresenterna.
Årets färgtema är grönt och gult (surprise!).

On Saturday it´s Easter Saturday, a day that many children are longing for, including mine.
In my hometown we have an Easter parade where both children and adults dress up and march through the centre. Hundreds attend, and it's a fantastic atmosphere. And all the candy attracts too of course!
But while waiting for it I amuse myself by making cards to be given away together with the Easter presents.
This year's color theme is green and yellow (surprise!).

Olika band och glittertejp mixas för att få lite lager-på-lager effekt. Pilen är målad med grön tusch och sedan piffad med glitterlim.

Different ribbons and glitter tape are mixed together to make a layer-on-layer effect. The arrow is painted in green and then coated with glitter glue.

Tack för idag! Kram, DT-Liza

Thanks for today! Hugs, DT-Liza

Papper: vit cardstock CC770
Stämplar: EZR036 från påskharen, OM2122B pil
Band och tejp: 4475-55, 4475-64, GTS008
Övrigt: färgpennor

Friday, 17 March 2017

1..2..3..goodies bags

Hello everyone,

First of all I want to thank all and everyone of you who came over and said "Hi" at the Creativa trade fair in Dortmund. It was great seing you!

Today I want to a quick and easy way to create some last minute wrappings for small gifts or give-aways.

1. Get yourself some of the white bread paper bags. They are really cheap and you can basically get them in lots at any supermarket or drug store.

2. Cut stripes of any papers you like. You can even use some of the left overs from your last paper projects.

3. Stamp your favorite round stamps and cut them out. It will save some extra time using a round puncher.

4. If you like, add a scallop or flower punch behind the circle.

5. Fold the top of your bag so it's closed.

6. Clip - or staple - all the items and add them on top of the bag.

DONE ! :-D

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Creativa 2017

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

heute startet die Creativa Messe in Dortmund und Reprint ist natürlich dabei. I

Ihr findet uns in Halle 6 am Stand 6C.10

Hier die ersten Impressionen vom Stand - das frühe Aufstehen lohnt sich morgen...

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Say it with a song

Tack var det fina notpappret i bakgrunden känns det här annars enkla kortet riktigt genomarbetat.

Thanks to the pretty music sheet in the background, this otherwise simple card looks quite detailed.

Stämpeln är embossad med guldpulver, och med några rhinestones och en blomma i turkos känns kortet helt komplett och redo att lämnas över till födelsedagsbarnet!

The stamp is embossed using a gold powder, and with the addition of a few turquise rhinestones and a matching flower, the card is ready to be handed over to the birthday boy!

Material used:
Paper: RBC043 Brun musik
Stamp: OM840 H Grattis Hurra
Decorations: R0703 Turkos Rhinestones, Flower